Five Lee Co. residents fall victim to identity theft in 24 hours


Have you filed your income taxes yet? If not, someone may have already filed them in your name.

In a 24-hour time span, at least five people in Lee County reported becoming victims of identity theft.

They all found out when the IRS rejected their income tax report.

The victims tried to file their income taxes and received an alert from the IRS saying someone else had already done it.

The Cape Coral police department says it’s seeing an average of seven identity theft cases a month.

We spoke to a fraud specialist who says the closer we get to the deadline, the more victims there will be.

“We’re definitely going to continue to see it. No doubt about it – which is one of the reasons we tell people to file early. File as soon as you possibly can before someone else files for you,” said fraud specialist Beth Schell.

Experts advise you to leave your social security card at home and file early. The sooner you file, the less time someone else has to steal your identity.

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