First time writing a synthesis paper, what to do?

First time writing a synthesis paper, what to do?

I have been doing research for a synthesis paper and my topic is identity theft. This is my first time doing a synthesis paper and it seems hard. My teacher says we need at least 8-9 sources, in which we have to summarize the source and analyze it. What I chose to argue was…what does the government do to prevent identity theft. And while I was researching my topic for sources I was thinking that I don't know exactly how I'll argue that and it seems to be too broad. One of my sources also has to be a visual (e.g. cartoon, comic, etc.). I need help with this paper badly it takes up a lot of percent of the total grade for this semester.
-Can you tell me what I should argue?
-What to find when looking for a cartoon for identity theft?
-What I should be analyzing in the sources?
-Any other tips or advice would be appreciated.

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