Fake ID Website Prompts Concern About Identity Theft

Over the last two weeks, business owners in De Pere alerted police to a popular new trend among college students — buying fake IDs online.

While it’s not a new idea, police say the way these students are getting them, and what they’re giving the China-based website in the process, could haunt them for years.

Your driver’s license is full of personal information you wouldn’t want anyone to have.

To get a really good fake ID, you need all that.

And according to the China-based website, ID Chief, you can get a new ID from what it touts the “number one source for fake IDs.”

“You take your real driver’s license. You put it down, and then you order one online, and you’re basically changing the date of birth to make you 21 years of age,” says De Pere Police Officer Jedd Bradley.

The website asks for your full name, eye color, even your real picture and signature.

For a couple hundred bucks, in less than a week, ID Chief says it will ship your new fake ID.

“You can pick your state. You can pick your address, I mean it’s legit. It’s tough for even me as an officer to grab it and look at it and say, okay, this is fake, unless I question you a little more,” says Bradley.

Bar owners did, when police say they became suspicious of several people, who didn’t look 21 and all had the same out of state address showed up at their bars.

Police say they bought the IDs online.

“That’s the huge, scary part about this,” warns Bradley.

Not only are minors getting access to alcohol, but police say the bigger concern is what happens when you give someone your personal information that’s on a real ID.

“If I were to go online and fill out one of these right now, there could be five or six other Jedd Bradley’s in the world… that my identity is being used to do things, whether that’s get across the border, whether that’s to purchase a car or a house or to hide from law enforcement,” says Bradley.

He doesn’t think people realize how much they’re giving away.

“Is it really worth it? To get your identity back takes years and years and years,” he says.

Despite their sophistication, even holograms, as you can see on a video on ID Chief’s website, Bradley says police scanners can detect the ID’s fake bar codes.

If you’re caught with a fake, police say you’ll be charged and fined for obstruction, but the problems won’t end there.

“How do they come to us and say, ‘Yeah, I bought a fake ID, and now my identity is stolen,” adds Bradley.

Article source: http://www.wbay.com/story/26490355/2014/09/09/fake-id-website-prompts-concern-about-identity-theft

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