Expert says more identity theft victims still out there

 COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- WINK News was there Thursday as relatives spent hours at the Collier County Jail waiting for their loved ones to get out.

“They have a lot of paperwork and the police are working very slow.”

This week, deputies arrested 105 employees at Fruit Dynamics in East Naples for workers compensation fraud and identity theft. WINK News spoke to cyber crimes expert Carrie Kerskie about the bust.

“My heart went out to the peoples whose identities were being fraudulently used by these criminals.”

Kerskie said some may not even know their identites were stolen.

“If they’re not, they might be getting a phone call from law enforcement and it will be the first time they ever find out.”

Kerskie recommends actively checking your credit report with all three credit bureaus: equifax, experian, and transunion, along with the Social Security Administration. She said the effects of having your identity stolen is more than just financial, especially if it’s been going on for years.

“During that time frame also gave birth to children, well the victims identity who has been fraudulently used was the name that was listed as the birth mother on the birth certificate so its much more invasive than someone trying to get access to your bank account or credit card,” said Kerskie.

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