Ex-NBA All Star — Arrested In Arizona … Alleged Kingpin In I.D. Theft Scam

0529-christopher-gatling-mug-tmz-01Ex-NBA player Chris Gatling — a former All-Star — was arrested in Scottsdale, AZ yesterday … with cops saying he was the kingpin in a massive illegal credit card and I.D. theft scam. 

TMZ Sports has learned … one of Gatling’s alleged victims is a woman he met on a dating website who owned a fitness studio — who he allegedly screwed out of $90,000.  

Long story short … cops say Gatling set up Internet businesses to gather credit card information from people.

Once he got the numbers, he would take them to the fitness studio … convinced the lady to run the cards for various dollar amounts (she believed they were legit) … and asked her to front him 90% of the payment in cash.

For example … if the woman ran a $100 credit card charge for Gatling, she would give him $90 in cash and keep $10 for herself. 

But cops say the credit card holders never authorized the fitness studio payments and cancelled their transactions — leaving the fitness studio owner in a $90,000 hole … the amount she had given to Gatling in cash. 

Officials eventually caught on to the scheme … and arrested Gatling for fraud, aggravated identity theft and forgery. 

And get this … he was busted while meeting with his probation officer — stemming from a forgery and theft CONVICTION back in 2013 when he attempted to rent out a home he didn’t own. 

An attorney for Gatling tells us she’s still gathering information on the case. 

FYI — Gatling was a 1st round NBA Draft pick in 1991 … and played in the league for 11 years. 


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Article source: http://www.tmz.com/2015/05/29/nba-all-star-chris-gatling-arrested-arizona-credit-card-scam-kingpin/

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