Community Shredding Day helps prevent identity theft

today. The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office will host a community shredding day this weekend. On Saturday from 10 to 2, you can bring any important paperwork and shred it for free. wdbj7 Mornin’s Alison Parker is live in the Hershberger Home Depot parking lot with why law enforcement encourages you to shred. Simply throwing paperwork in the trash can be dangerous, and lead to identity theft. Identity theft means someone wrongfully takes your personal information — social security number, credit card information, bank accounts. I’m here with Officer Frank Leftwich with the Roanoke Police Department. Is this type of fraud a big issue nationwide? What about here? Who is most targeted? What are signs to look out for? Why isn’t paperwork like this safe in the trash without shredding? From the Department of Justice: Some criminals engage in “dumpste diving” – goin through your garbage cans or a communal dumpster or trash bin — to obtain copies of your checks, credit card or bank statements, or other records that typically bear your name, address, and even your telephone number. These types of records make it easier for criminals to get control over accounts in your name and assume your identity. The event is here in the Hershberger Home Depot parking lot from 10 to 2. It’s free, and Deb’s Lemonade will be here! This morning, dozens of people need to find a new place to live. This morning, dozens of people

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