Better Business Bureau: College ID theft prevention

College-age adults have many responsibilities to manage when it comes to school, work and their social lives, so they tend to not be as careful with their personal information.

The Better Business Bureau wants to warn college-age adults of their vulnerability to identity theft and offers tips to secure your information. It’s a good idea to have sensitive mail sent to a permanent address such as your parents’ home or invest in a secure post office box.

Store personal information safely, including your Social Security card, passport and bank and credit card statements.

Also, check your statements frequently. Look for any suspicious activity or purchases on your debit or credit cards. For more tips for keeping your identity safe, visit

Labor Day travel

A AAA travel survey predicted 33 million people will travel on the Labor Day holiday weekend. Before traveling, the bureau advises drivers to create a car safety kit.

Bad weather can lead to accidents, car troubles, long delays and road closures.

Take the car in for a checkup. If your car is due for a checkup, take it in before making that long haul.

Tired drivers are a hazard to themselves and those in their vehicle. Often fatal or devastating mistakes can be made to other drivers on the road.

Don’t text and drive. When behind the wheel, pull over if you have to do anything that would take your full concentration off of driving.

For more safe travel tips, visit

Funeral preparations

No one is ever fully prepared for the passing of a loved one, but it’s comforting to know you can take control of at least some aspects of funeral planning.

During a time of extreme vulnerability, when decisions must be made quickly, the last thing you want is to make a major last-minute financial decision. Planning ahead can relieve the stress of investing in funeral services.

If you’re comfortable preplanning for funeral arrangements, the bureau recommends writing a will. Consider consulting a lawyer or estate planner for help.

Research the funeral homes in your area and request cost details of their service. Check that any funeral establishment you are considering has been licensed and is registered by the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

Clickjacking scams

Even savvy computer users can fall for “clickjacking,” the latest trick that hides a scam on a seemingly safe webpage. It works by making victims think they are clicking a harmless link when they are really activating a scam. The bureau wants you to spot a clickjacking scam before you press that button. Remember to stay away from teasers for sensational videos and offers that are too good to be real. Also, don’t fall for fake sites – just because a site looks real, it does not mean it is.

Update your Web browser. The newest versions of browsers have security updates that warn you of suspicious websites.

Stay on top of scams at

Tracy Bracy is the regional director of the Better Business Bureau for Corpus Christi/Victoria. Contact her by e-mail at Courtney Morgan

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