Bash Bug Opens Hole For Hackers To Perpetrate Identity Theft

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CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Cyber experts say a new security threat is targeting personal computers and smartphones.

Ryan Eldridge, the owner of Nerds on Call in Carmichael, says this bug is like not other.

“It’s one of those exploits on the Internet that consumers can’t do much about,” he said. “It’s terrible from a consumer point of view.”

The exploit could take control of hundreds of machines around the world, specifically targeting company services, Apple computers and Android smartphones, because they all use a version of Unix.

“They’re not interested in you. They are more interested in your information,” he said.

The bug is looking for a way past your antivirus software in hopes of cashing in on your personal information.

He says the hackers are usually working from dark places in eastern Europe, China and even Brazil.

“What they’re wanting is constant access to your information. So if they get into a health website and they’re able to get all of your health data they can steal your identity and they got you forever,” he said.

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