AG’s office warns of identity theft scam – Austin American

Identity thieves posing as employees of the Texas attorney general’s office have been targeting Texans, particularly those who have taken out a short-term loan, the agency warned Monday.

Almost 200 Texans have reported receiving repeated phone calls from impostors claiming that the attorney general has issued a warrant for their arrest for failure to repay a short-term loan. Victims are asked to provide their Social Security number, address and employer to “confirm” their identity, then instructed to purchase a prepaid debit card and call back to disclose the card’s number, the attorney general’s office said.

Such debit card payments are untraceable, and the personal information also allows the scammers — who are likely overseas and out of law enforcement’s reach — to steal the victims’ identity, the agency said.

The attorney general’s office never solicits loan repayments or issue arrest warrants for failure to pay off a loan, the agency said.

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