5 tips to avoid identity theft

If you’re serious about protecting your identity, don’t disclose personal details on Facebook, a financial advisor suggests.

Deanna Holder, a financial aid advisor at Texas AM University and a member of the university’s Money Wise Aggies advice team, said clever identity thieves can and do figure out people’s Social Security numbers using only their birthdates and hometowns, items that are commonly posted on Facebook.

With more than 16 million identity theft victims in 2012 and the number growing, it’s increasingly important to take precautions about identity theft, Holder said. Students and the elderly are especially vulnerable because they’re more trusting about providing personal information, she said.

Twice a year Holder gives a talk on identity theft for the AM community and has condensed the information into five bullet points (see above).

Article source: http://www.chron.com/news/article/Why-you-shouldn-t-put-your-birthday-or-hometown-5794532.php

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