15 tips for staying safe online and preventing identity theft

Summary: What are some simple tips, tricks and best-practice methods of keeping yourself and your digital identity safe from hackers?

Charlie Osborne

By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day | March 11, 2014 — 08:55 GMT (01:55 PDT)

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  • Stay clear of sending sensitive data across public Wi-Fi networks

    As Europol recently warned, public Wi-Fi networks are, by nature, not secure. However, as we sit in Starbucks and browse the Web, check our email or log in to Facebook, security is often far off our list of priorities.

    For hackers who monitor free networks or set up similarly-named hotspots to dupe users in to connecting before grabbing sensitive data including account information, passwords or financial details, such services are easy game. 

    In addition, keep in mind that public computers can have software installed on them which monitor you or your keystrokes without your knowledge. 

  • Use double verification systems

    It might take a little longer, but using double verification methods can prevent accounts being accessed if you fall prey to a phishing campaign or your original password is guessed. 

    PayPal and Google, for example, allow you to link your account with your mobile device. In the case of the former, you must input your password as well as a code sent to your mobile in order to access your account. 

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